What I'm Reading 12.17

The actions of the individual should not be weighed against that person, by any other person; it is not our duty to decide who is worthy and who is not.

This morning Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Chris Henry lost his life. He was a father, someone's son and from many accounts, a changed individual. Slim's time in Cincinnati was short and full of controversy, but no one can justify the loss of an individual at the age of 26 with 3 small children.

It is a truly sad story, as his family rushed to his bedside following an accident, apparently beginning as a domestic dispute. It makes me genuinely sad, as Chris seemed to turn the corner this year, had his head set and was due to do good things.

CincyJungle: Chris became someone you root for, after being taken under the wing of Carson Palmer and others.

In other news:

Make sure to check your facebook privacy settings, now.

There are a ton of disability claims pouring in equidistant to the loss in jobs. During a supervised home visit for one of the kids I work with, the father of the boy told me he was getting a check for $64,000 in lost wages because of a back injury. Blows my mind.

Also, Rust Belt towns hit the hardest, according to the Washington Post.

Blessed are the conservative? I'm not convinced.

Something I saw on Bob and Tom show before I left work last night: 21 things that became obsolete this decade. By the way the decade ends in 2 weeks.

Also, the 15-worst states to start a business. Indiana didn't make the list! Let's hear it for NJ!

In a fledgling economy, kids are asking for jobs for Dad and other essentials.

"Am I the Grinch who stole Christmas?," asks one journalist.

A letter to the Manila Bulletin about importance of Jesus in Christmas; something I'm sure to write about sooner or later this Christmas season.

Prisons are full. So, the best way to alleviate a problem is to empty them?

AND, time to get going on some movies. Here are the 2010 Golden Globe nominations if you haven't seen them.


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