What I'm Reading 12.3

Happy December everyone; only 24 more shopping days until the most important day of the year!

Are you getting tired of hearing about Tiger Woods? I believe 'transgressions' were destined to happen.

In the wake of the 25th anniversary of a disaster you've never heard of - a slideshow marking the Bhopal, India gas leak.

My Ball State Cardinals scored the fewest points in a men's basketball game in 58 years: 38 against 23 ranked Butler.

I feel we spend too much money on Christmas presents and as a result I wish for all who read this to donate, donate and donate some more, for those who have little or nothing. On donating: ECI has done a good job.

Barry Larkin is up for the Hall-of-Fame. Would you vote for him?

My Cincinnati Bengals are 8-3, 6-0 in the AFC North, running the ball like never before and are destined for greatness.

And, a periodical that looks interesting to me.

Have a beautiful day, wherever you are.


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