Art lately and 30-minute lectures

I've been on an elevated appreciative level for art and most particuarly the work of a few specific artists. So much so, that I've even considered taking up painting. And, the only way to qualify myself as being interested is in that I put 'painting supplies' on my Christmas exchange list, drawn out of a hat by some poor soul on my father's side of the family.

Writing 'the family' makes me think of the Godfather.

Anyway, mindless chatter in my head leads me to the path of Gustav Klimt, Le Baiser - his most famous work, perhaps - and a conversation with my mother, of all people, on how important his work has become to me. Klimt's use of seemed difference in his work, molded to created expressions of love have recently been inspiring to me. For some reason; I'm not sure why.

So, i told her of his work, included a small paraphrased biography in my monologue and told her of which works I really appreciated of his. I'm sure my mother thinks me a bit insane - as everyone else - for the random topics i like to bring up and harp on for half-hours at a time. And by harp, I mean lecture of their importance even as the audience member probably drones me out.

I would drone me out.

Tonight i watched a favourite film of mine; Another Woman. Directed and written by my soon-to-be friend, Woody Allen, and starring Gena Rowlands. In the movie, following the random kick of Klimt I mentioned, there is a reference to one of Klimt's paintings. I found it significant. But, I'm in the mood for significance. Even if you are not.

I also watched Darjeeling Limited for the 18th time.

One of my favorite lines: 'Wouldn't it be great if we heard a train go by in the distance?' spoke by Jack, Jason Schwartzman's

I heard a train earlier this evening. And, I thought of this. It made me smile.

Tonight, I also had it in my mind to teach Bella to speak. Therefore, braced with a bag of Act II microwave popcorn, I had Bella sit then 'speak' for a delicious-popped kernel of corn. She soon caught on and I felt as though I'd accomplished something.

We've only 27, now 26 days until christmas and again, I'm not asking for anything but, world peace and well, paint supplies. Have a good night everyone.


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