Romanticism on a chilly/rainy night

The truly grande things in this life are to be shared.

If there is anything I've learned after a year of near solitude, study and experience, it's that love is discovered through many aspects of this life but, only for an individual and with an individual does it blossom to fruit worthy of the soul.

Take a step back and tilt your head today. Smell the air. Note the sunshine peeking from the clouds. Catch a waft of something desirable; even if it's only coffee from a nearby cafe. Watch children. Appreciate the narrative that is the lives of the people around you.

God is watching and wants us to be happy. I'm sure of it. And, you should be.

We are but saints awaiting our salvation. Trapped and basking in the sunshine of glory, we too often do not acknowledge. This life is full of pleasures so simple, they are forgotten. All the sensations to be grasped and felt are the gifts of this world.

Combined, they are love.

Today I thought of why I appreciate what I do. Music, art, conversation, hard work and good food. The interaction with children I try to never take for granted. The time spent with a great friend and a subsequent father.

The lands are wide and deep with stories.

Kids play in the fields of destiny.

They reach for and grasp the meaning of life. But, how soon we lose our arms whilst the plans of adulthood sever our reach.

I pray for practicality. But, I also pray for spirit. Spirit is just and nurtured with appreciation.

It should not be significant to notice the simple things of this age. But, it has become obsolete to smell the stench of glory. The quivering traffic of nonsense fills our consciousness until we die.

Life is grande, ladies and gentlemen. Please, look around and love the person next to you. WIthout clichéd nature; think of someone else today and smile when you'd usually frown.

The sun only rises so many times in this life.

Let's not waste a single ray.

(thank you, William Turner for Temeraire)


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