Classes Start

To say the least, the first day of classes were hectic but bearable. Actually, it went pretty well.

Despite the fire alarm in the middle of our second class, British Life in Film, the classes were interesting and learning from a British professor is quite different.

We talked about the geography, history and slave trade of Britain. And we talked about Football clubs.

We watched an American movie about British life and culture during the second world war entitles: Mrs. Miniver. It was produced in 1942, so half of our class was asleep but I enjoyed the entire thing very much.

Last night we went to the Phoenix Theatre to see Blood Brothers, a musical, about two twins split after birth who become best friends. The musical took a strange and eerie turn due to the combination of English superstition and folklore, which said that if two twins ever find out they are twins after being split, they will automatically die.

It was superb, in my opinion, I thought the music that is still in my head, the acting, and the story were all really, really well put together.

If it ever is produced in the United States it is worth going to see. Maybe that is a good idea for the folks at Richmond Civic Theatre.

Just for fun:

Mind the gap. . . .Mind the gap. . . .Mind the gap. . . .Mind the gap. . ..

Riding the Underground this will ring in your ears. After you get on you may hear, "mind the closing doors."


We had class with Popovich, Media Law, yeah, yawn. We got on the bus after he let us out 15 min. late and arrived at the Maida Vale Centre of CWC 30 minutes + late, for our British Literature class.

We sat and talked to our teacher, about our majors and books we would like to look at. Her name is Nora Holder and she is Irish. She is really nice and she wants to set me up with some students she tutors who are interested in Journalism, to hear my take on my major and advice for them.

After she showed us around the building we took off, I came back here and crashed on my bed for a couple hours.


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