Day 3: Tralfagar Square to Big Ben

After the debacle with the alarm clock, yesterday, I set up my own using the Ipod dock speaker thing Andi bought me for Christmas. The alarm went off at 10 a.m. and I arose as my other two roommates continued to sleep for another hour.

We left at around 11:15 a.m. with clear intention of purchasing Oyster Passes for the month. We had to walk all the way to Paddington Station to purchase the passes and get on the brown rail also known as Bakerloo.

The passes, in my opinion, are very expensive. For a one month pass it is £98 (98 pounds) or close to $180. However, unlike New York with an Oyster pass, you can ride the double decker buses and the bendy buses.

After we got our passes we took Bakerloo to Charring Cross to Tralfagar Square. Oh, what a sight. We walked around the square, the place Londoners ring in the New Year, and then me and Alex went to the national gallery.

After an hour or so we walked down Parliament Road toward Big Ben and then found the only standing home of Ben Franklin.

As our program has activities built in, touring the house was one of our activities and it was cool but not super exciting.

I left there after the tour and then walked south across the river, which delivered a remarkable view of the north side of the river.

I snapped some pictures and then headed back as it has gotten dark very early here, like it does in early November in Indiana. However, the day was full of excitement from Leonardo Da Vinci and Michaelangelo to Alex's cooking tonight. Pray I do not get sick with food poisoning.


The Folk's said...

The Folks Said Glad you figured the alarm thing out you know you could buy a rooster and if it dont work you can eat it.HA HA ...Glad you had a terrific day seeing big ben and all. Remember when we made Big Ben out of home made clay and use my old watch as the face.Question??...I thought the London Bridge was in Arizona.MOm thought it was just a song!Enjoy going to the out door market tomorrow and try and buy some veggies and fruit to keep you healthy Love The Folk's

nathan said...

I remember that project I made back when. And yes the London bridge is in London, but i forget how the rhyme goes. . .

Stacey said...

All you will need is an afternoon with Alizah to remember how the rhyme goes...she'll me more than happy to sing it to you over and over and over!

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