London, day 1: the journey to the promised land

Day One

11:19 CST


Well today was here before I realized it and REM’s “Leaving for New York,” was not appropriate for the trip I have departed on.

Awaking at 5 a.m. EST this morning, anxiety was the overbearing feeling for me, more prevalent than the gloomy and stressful feelings felt by my parents and Andi, my girlfriend.

Anyhow, we departed at around 6 a.m. and other than a stop at Starbucks in Greenfield, Ind. we arrived rather punctual to Indianapolis International Airport. Arrival was tough, talking to Andi one last time before handing my soon-to-be useless cell phone to my parents was tougher and departing from my parents, toughest.

But, as Jack Nicholson says in the timeless movie “Batman,” “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.” In lighter terms it was a sad time but a time that had to happen for me to enjoy this wonderful trip, which will be, I’m sure, a once in a life time opportunity. (insert further clichés here)

So I boarded United flight 7659 for Chicago from Indianapolis at 10:22 EST after meeting some of my new “mates” from Ball State. The flight was quick and uneventful, except for a few minor things.

The “uneventful” flight did yield some interesting happenings including when a large Samoan guy asked to move my bag so he could put his bag in its spot (which was in my estimation the size of a 1962 Beetle), only to put mine on top of his and watch it drop nearly killing the unsuspecting lady in front of me. However, the flight took off rather quickly and my ears did not bother me one bit, no pressure and not a single pop.

The flight to Chicago, was like taking the roller coaster up the hill prior to the steep drop that is to come, without the steep drop. It was really like the chain on the coaster took us slowly up and then as soon it took us up, it was slowly heading down.

Whilst in the process of the climb and descent, an obvious bandwagon fan of the newly crowned Louisiana State University Tigers American Football team, talked behind me about a few different things including his own 1962 Beetle, that was destroyed in 1975 by a hail storm while in Texas, where the lady he was sitting next to was from.

After the landing, I discovered and then excitedly proclaimed that a coyote was on the runway and sure enough and all passengers lunged to the Western window to see the plane tilted on its side, well, not really. but, there really was a coyote on the runway.

Soon after that the seatbelt light turned off and we were allowed to turn on our cell phones and beepers, yes beepers. I thought it was hilarious the amount of times beepers were brought up on our 17 minute flight. An uncomfortable amount, let me assure you. I mean, do people really still carry beepers. Maybe they do. Or maybe they are coming back, like dark rimmed glasses and skinny jeans.

The LSU fan, an obvious threat to my safety or at least to my comfort-ability ( I don’t think that’s a word), at this time immediately receives a phone call and begins arguing with someone named Paul amount military weaponry and the necessity of switching to manual load when you are being fired upon. I believe words used included bloodbath, automatic switch and hollow point shells, all terms I thought were forbidden on an airplane.

Anywho, we pulled up to our gate nearly 20 minutes early, exited and after finding my new gate C16 here at Chicago O’Hare, and two trips to look at the price of coffee at Starbucks, I find my self her at gate C22, which is currently vacant.

Oh and I have about another four hours until my flight leaves for London Heathrow.

More to come later. . .

10:21 GMT Jan. 9

SO, we're here. Let me catch you up.

Our flight left a little late but took only about 7 hours to arrive into London Heathrow airport. The flight was full of festivities and NO sleep.

On the B777, we were guaranteed dinner, movies and xm radio. As it was all delivered I was able to watch two movies including Ratatouille and In the Wild. I enjoyed the XM radio, more on that later and the meal was lasagna with a romaine lettuce salad and brownie. I had my usual tomato juice and we were also served a continental breakfast that consisted of melon, grapes and a cherry tart.

Oh and a cup of coffee, but not near enough caffeine for this day that is only half over.

12:38 GMT

After we landed we waited for everyone to get off the plane. Then we waited to go through customs that was not very strenuous at all, exactly not what I was expecting. Then, we waited at the baggage claim, and strangely I discovered both of my bags, something more than half of my compatriots can not say. After we finally got through with filing missing baggage claims, we headed toward the exit, finding Popo and heading to the buses. We loaded one bus full of luggage, and sat on the other, as we embarked for an hour long journey from the outer reaches of London to the center of town where I presently sit.

After we got to the flat and unloaded I updated this post the first time. We went to the meeting where I was nearly about to fall asleep and then took our first walk down to Paddington tube station and then came back to Bayswater and took a small walk back to the flat.


ant von said...

Hi Nathan It was great to read about your filghts. Hope you got some good zzzzzzzz in Have a great day
Love you
Ant Von

Don Anthony Design said...

I see the jet lag is going to get you. it was a vivid account of the flight. I especially like the acoount of the baggage. you know the "as large as a 1962 beetle"

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