Uxbridge Arms, No Hugh Grant and Shopping for Grocery Stores

Last night was fun, but I'm sure nights like it will be few and far between.

Yesterday, after my adventure down to London Bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral, etc. I had full intention of going out and having a couple drinks at a pub in the heart of London.

The intention was to find a place that is more residential with more regulars and more like what London really is. I did some research, as I usually am the one to do, to fulfill the assignment that was given by our British life and culture class. I found the Uxbridge Arms in the heart of Notting Hill.

No I didn't see Hugh Grant, but I'm sure he was looking for me too, knowing that I am now in London.

Anyway, as it rained, as it has done every day we have been here, my roommates and I found Uxbridge Arms tucked away on Uxbridge Street, right off of Notting Hill Gate.

Quaint, cozy and full of obvious regulars just finishing up as we were just getting ready to get going. The inside reminded me of an English home with two fireplaces burning, football on the tele, and friendly people all the way around.

I settled down to a pint of Fuller's London Pride. A real ale choice that is served from old fashion casks, which have to be pumped out, and are served at room temperature, giving it a frothy delicious taste and drink-ability that in my opinion, our ordinary beer in the United States is void of.

Attempting to fulfill our assignment my roommate asked an older man with white hair pulled back in a pony tail, what he thought of all three of our football teams. He commenced to talk to us for nearly half an hour, telling us that at 11 the barmaid would come around and ask us to tip 'em back if we had any left, in attempt to close the pub. And he was exactly right, she did just that.

He talked about America, what he liked and didn't, including commentary on the upcoming elections, stating that someone with the name Obama, would never win due to his strange sounding name.

He offered more commentary that made us laugh, but wished us well when he finally left at about 11:15 p.m.

We left soon after, as the barmaid asked us to, and then we were off to find one last stop before turning in because it was only 11:30. We walked down Notting Hill Gate and turned left on Pembridge Gardens to Prince Albert pub.

We weren't there long before we met Kane, Aaron, and Tom. Kane was from South Africa, Aaron; New Zealand, and Tom from England. They had all met while working and living in London. They are all living in a Hostel about 2 blocks from where we are living.

We asked Tom what he thought of our teams, to which he answered jokingly to F--- off to me and Hunter my one roommate, whose team is Newcastle United. While his team is Liverpool F.C. he felt bad for my other roommate who drew Oldham Athletic A.F.C., who aren't very good, to say the least.

We talked to them about the U.S. and everything in between before midnight when Prince Albert closed. We wandered around a little afterward but then made it back here in time to watch some of the Patriots American Football team play on Alex's computer before turning in.

Today, I ventured out alone after I slept late. Taking the train to Green Street station on the other side of Hyde Park to see a grocery store and how it compared to the stores by us. I was really close to Buckingham Palace but didn't make it over there today.

Tomorrow we start classes and then its off to the races for this semester which I'm sure will fly by in an instant.

Cheers! until next time.


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