Headlines and Deadlines

There is a lot going on in the world but more importantly in my life. That was a joke.

Anyhow, there is a lot going on and for once there are fewer people living in high risk hurricane zone's. For once, people might be getting it. Thanks to Al's Morning Meeting for that one. I'm now an every day reader, that's every day (two words). More on that later.

In other news, Democrat, that's Democrat with a big 'D', insiders meet Saturday to decide how Michigan and Florida are to be handled in the delegate race that seems like it has gone on longer than the Iraq War. If you don't know, the democratic primary quagmire, I mean process, does not include the Florida and Michigan delegates that could prove fatal for Barack Obama's candidacy, despite the feelings of some.

More importantly, thieves are punching holes in gas tanks to steal gasoline; even in Hawaii. This, perhaps an aberration from all the pump 'n' run nonsense that has ruled the gasoline-thieving industry.

And, once again some ideas from Al's; ideas the president should propose. These include:
- Five-day-a-week postal delivery
- A Manhattan Project for energy
- Year-round school
- Tax credit for blood and organ donations
- Scrap the electoral system
- All fed officials should hold a news conference at least once per month
- End the Social Security penalty for working seniors
. . .among others.

And, another crane collapsed in NYC. One person is dead.

In my life, I have been stressed all week about this or that. And I haven't even had anything in the paper!

I have been working on a few larger assignments; one about a teacher retiring 42 years after he started and another about tornadoes.

The state of my bank account perplexes me but that is OK, because I'm sure I'll be making millions in a few months time. (No sarcasm)

I am heading back to the hospital this weekend to work. I'm on this bi-monthly work schedule there and that's just fine with me because it means i get to hang out with my best buds.

I'll be doing really well though, when I'm done with this class, it's killing me. But, now its time to leave, time to eat and time to well, put gas in my car. yuck.


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