Mauk, Georgia - - Braves v. D'backs

Those red-dirt roads just do it for me.

Whether you know or not, I made a trip with my sidekick to Mauk, Georgia this past weekend.

The trip was centered around my sidekick's cousin's graduation but culminated with a trip to Turner Field in Atlanta, GA.

The trip began with a 629 mile drive from Richmond, Ind. to Mauk, which took about 11 hours and enough gasoline to make these guys happy.

We arrived at supper time, which is southern for dinner. And waiting for us was a large pot of sloppy joe's that my sidekick's cousin has made up.

They were delicious as I had not had sloppy joe's since before my departure to the old country. I ate 4 before calling it quits and going outside to enjoy the pool and the 80 degree weather, I have not seen since Greece.

After swimming we hung out with the family including the new one, "junior" who looks just like his daddy when he was his age.

The next morning we arose early to get dressed prior to the graduation at Hardaway High School in Columbus, Georgia. The graduation was highlighted by names like Balil and Vlady and the police escorts issued to a few in attendance for talking during the handing out of diploma's.

Yes, they arrested people for yelling when someone walked across the stage. The person being escorted would then have to serve a community service sentence before the "yelled for" could get their diploma. Crazy isn't it, well its true. If you still don't believe me read this from Macon, Georgia.

After graduation we headed back to their house, but not before sliding into Sonic, a staple of every where but here.

Once arriving back to the homestead, I put on my swimming trunks, Richmond Park Dept. issued, and laid on the newly built deck by the pool. As temperatures grew I took more time in the pool than on the deck. We had hamburgers for lunch and I got to see a velvet ant.

That night we had a campfire in the back yard, as I made up a story while everyone questioned my sanity.

The next morning we awoke early, again. We had a fun day full of cheeseburgers and sunbathing. I took a walk through the woods on the Marino's property.

The rest of the night was full of fun and relaxation before we retreated to board games before retiring early. That night the Reds lost in 18 innings to the SD Padres.

The next morning we arose early and packed our bags with pancakes in our belly's and baseball on our minds.

Around 9 a.m. we departed for Atlanta and Turner Field. We arrived about Noon and walked around before the game.


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