Livin' in America

I have been back in the United States for nearly a month and a half now. I am leading a different life than my travels across Europe, where I found myself in places that only seem like dreams now.

The other day I ran into Dr. Mark Popovich, and to see how sad I am, I walked into his office and he quickly asked me: "Do you miss London?"

To which I felt inclined to merely say yes, without enthusiasm - which radiates the furthest thing about how I miss that old place.

Like I said it seems like a dream now, but I keep reminding myself that it wasn't.

But, we all have to grow up at some point and whether or not that growing up smacks us in the face as it is now.

I began at The Star Press last week as part of my internship and hopefully it goes well.

I hope to keep this blog running so don't stop reading. I will post links to articles I write and I will add news of the weird and fun and hopefully some news of the relevant.


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