Bark in the Park

Assuming people out there know I have a dog - a most gracious dog - and assuming you all know that I've been by her side from week 8 of her life, I want to share with you a 'new' discovery, if you don't know about it already.

I had heard about the 'dog park' at Middlefork Reservoir, but had not been out there to see it for myself. Assuming where the park was supposed to be I had reservations, because i knew little about its construction and establishment. Thanks Pal-Item.

So my reservations led me away from the reservoir, nicknamed the 'dead sea', by my father. What's funny is that(now in my second publishing after safari crashed) that I haven't gone to the reservoir much in my life and it reminds me of the people in Italy I talked to that had never been to the coliseum, never ridden a gondola and never eater canoli's. . .it's kind of like that with me in my own hometown, in regards to the Indiana football hall of fame, as well as other things that escape me right now.

ANYhow, the dog park is sponsored by Hill's pet food and one could miss it, if not paying attention to the west of the reservoir. It is merely a fenced off area with a few barrels, a ladder and fire hydrants, aptly placed for the dogs to place on and over.

The most interesting part of the entire setting is the water fountain near the northern perimeter of the larger section of fencing. Here, you will find a water fountain for owner and ownee, and by pressing a large circular-protruding button, a water dish fills for the dogs to drink; a most handy invention for the summer days ahead, in our beautiful part of the country.


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