What I'm Reading 5.13; Jungle Jim's, Pieces of Rome and DEALS!

Yesterday, Andi and I took a trip to Jungle Jim's International Market in Fairfield, Ohio and bought a bunch of stuff we needed and even more stuff we didn't.

It's a neat place with almost any food item you could ever ask for. Six acres of food under one roof, is a lot and I still see things I've never seen before, every time I go.

This weekend we are going to Mauk, Georgia, again, for Andi's cousin's graduation. I recently got a Garmin and have attempted to put their address in it, and it doesn't recognize where they live - could be the dirt roads.

In other news. . . a women bogged down with grief and regret has returned a piece of Rome after taking it during a vacation to Italy.

A snake is to blame for the Missouri capitol building going dark - and he died.

The pope is trying to make friends.

Another reason for me not to root for Notre Dame and Catholics. GO ILLUMINATI!

A drug dealer, who lead police on a chase in Fort Wayne was stopped - at Taco Bell?!

The Reds continue to play well and are now 19-14, believe it or not.

Restaurant.com is offering 70 percent off their already reduced coupons so $10 gift cards are now $3; with the keyword TASTY, when you check out to get the reduced rate.

Shop World Kitchen has a lot of Pyrex baking and mixing dishes for $1.99.

Sam's Club is offering a 1-day pass for non-members.


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