Chipotle; Richmond: Borat Like Very Much!

I'm big on Mexican food and the spicier the better, for me. But, you already knew that. Chipotle is not spicy, but is good.

Yesterday was not the first time I've been to Chipotle, per say, but it WAS the first time I've been to the Chipotle in Richmond. (I'm going to get tired of typing that awkward word soon.)

Whether you know, or not, the place is built for speed with a Subway-esque ordering system, except with steam tables and hot food in front of you; and good hot food at that.

You have only a few options; which is also good. Options are: Burrito, Fajita Burrito, Burrito bowl, and crispy and soft tacos. You then get options that include Chipotle's famous Cilantro-Lime Rice, the most important ingredient, IMO. Several types of beans, salsa's and meats can be added in different ways, to culminate a delicious and BIG burrito, taco or whatever.

Chipotle also offers beer, something most fast-food restaurants don't.

Now, my rating is high on Chipotle despite the fact that it's a bit pricey for lunch, everyday. But, as I was leaving yesterday I thought about the speed at which the employees are expected to get the food done. And every Chipotle I've been to has gotten my order processed, put together and paid for in under 5 minutes. The price of speed, is what tips it over to something more than fast-food, if the food quality doesn't already do it. It is much better food than Taco Bell.

I graciously urge you to at least try the place and don't be afraid to ask questions whilst there, the food is worth it.


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