What I'm Reading 5.6

So, whether you know or not, I did not get into the program in Illinois and therefore, the job hunt begins anew.

However - don't be sad for me, as I'm sure something will turn up that will fit my interests - and hopefully my wallet - soon.

Today i'm looking at a number of trends and wondering about many more things that are going on in the world and in other worlds.


Before I forget, anyone notice something different? Well, if not, take a look at the url bar and notice that I have forwarded you to my own domain! mwaa haha! You are at my mercy now! Not really but I did buy a domain and have now fowarded my blogger page to www.nathansheetsnow.com.

And I'm sure you're wondering why now? and. . . why now? Now, because nathansheets.com was taken and I didn't want to mess with the other .net's, .eau's and others of the world.

And NOW, more specifically because a much more crafty individual, than myself, has earned new $100 already with his new domain. . . .so it goes.


The first successful face transplant victim, err patient has emerged and looking better than ever. (see top pic)

My fave cartoon episode:

Watch ATHF-Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary in Comedy | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

Today is national nurses day. SO, go hug one.

I finished Dan Brown's Angels and Demons the other day and it was intense. I'm sure the book will be just like the movie, coming out in a theatre near you 15 May.

A smuggler was caught in LAX trying to bring in songbirds from Vietnam. Apparently the birds bring close to $400 a piece in the U.S. of A.

Sony Dong, 46 can be seen here with the birds attached to his legs.

Another virgin mary sighting - and I can't make this up - two Mexican wrestlers, in full regalia, saw the holy mother on a griddle at Las Palmas restaurant in Calexico, Calif. Again a picture warrants the story.

I can't do anything else today after those two.


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