Dark Knight's hilarity

Last night I had the privilege, as my mother has said, to attend the Reds game with my comrades and counterparts from the FCBL.

The game was exciting thoroughly until the disappointment that ends most every Cincinnati sports event. I had a good time, got no trades done and made it out of GAPB without giving the organization any more money.

Today I am planning on seeing The Dark Knight, which has gotten rave reviews throughout the land and should be the choice view of the summer.

I am also working on a few things for the Star Press including one blog entry that details the changes at the fair, which WOULD include this statement, but I do not have the grit to send it in.

Yes, the scene is a bit more quiet now, the animals and their overseers have disappeared and I’m left with the fair’s more modern pieces of Americana; the midway, the shake-up stands and the teenage stroller pushers.

I mean seriously does that offend you? It sends a shot of adrenaline into my blood stream, fashioned from its hilarity and whit.


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