Weird News, Trip I Should Have taken

Moe, a toilet-trained chimp is missing in a Calif. forest, while a man was arrested for walking around in questionable gear.

Some weirdos went skinny dipping in a reservoir and the city is taking action. Some woman had her house destroyed and is suing because it was the wrong house.

The trip I should have done.

Today I was reading a story about the lack of criticism from Sharm El-Sheikh on Robert Mugabe the ‘new’ president of Zimbabwe.

However as I began reading my attention slipped to just focusing on Sharm El-Sheikh, a city on the coast of the Red Sea, near Mount Sinai, in Egypt.

Rewinding back 3 months: There I was running down the escalator to make it to the eastbound Central Line train to Tottenham Court Road, in London.

As I hopped over a suitcase, three kids and a bum with a Tesco bag full of belongings I bended right and just missed the doors as that nice lady chimed: “Please do not obstruct the doors,” in North-London draw.

So I stood watching to train fleet from me as I waited for the next one that, according to the overhead illuminated board, would be here in two minutes.

Then, there it was: an advertisement from EasyJet for £99 roundtrip flight to Sharm El-Sheikh, the jewel of the Red Sea.

I thought how neat it would be to go to Egypt for a weekend or one of my weekend trips, but never thought of flying to Sharm and then taking a train or bus to Cairo, where I really wanted to go.

Gosh, why didn’t I book that as I look at the pictures now and as I discover that in addition to the only $200 flight, there is a bus via Super Jet Bus Co. that costs only £6.

Woulda Shoulda Coulda. Bollocks.


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