Last night was one of the greatest scenes of athleticism I have ever seen.

Josh Hamilton offers came through my phone from my fellow FCBL owners as fast Hamilton placed balls 500 feet from the plate.

I sat in awe, mouth gaping open watching the heroic feat as it unfolded in front of me. To think that someone could hit 28 HR in one round would be only a dream, one that Hamilton himself claims to have had.

The night did not end as it seemed it would, as Hamilton was all tuckered out at the end allowing Justin Morneau the opportunity to win, even though Hamilton will be the one remembered from this night for years to come.

"Oh My Josh," ESPN had as its headline last night after the first round echoing the same reaction as the fans that sat watching what seemed to be the second coming for a few minutes.

Today I am going back to the fair before checking in for the night to watch the All Star game I have been complaining about.

One thing is for sure however, Hamilton won't be hitting 28 HR tonight. :(

Oh and read my blog.


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