Fair Froth

On my mind today is not what is on my plate as the Reds open a 3-game series against that one team, for the life of me I can’t say because of hatred that continues to mount.

And also I am having difficulty getting a hold of sources for a story I should have finished. But in essence it is a timeless piece and can run at any time.

Also on my mind is the Delaware County Fair, which will fill me with activities to enjoy as well as report upon. I will have my own blog and will post something at least once per day next week and will get started as soon as tomorrow.

Apparently the editors were happy with my stories last week. One was about underage drinking and another about thrift stores and consignment shops.

I have to come up with a name for my fair blog, if there are any ideas floating out there feel free to let me know. (who am I kidding no one reads this thing anymore).

I have some great ideas to go with for next week especially but there are many more that I hope to stumble upon whilst at the DC fairgrounds.


Anonymous said...

by the way i still read your blog always will. love mom

Anonymous said...

I still read as well, just not everyday, as I now have a 13 lb. little man, who is either screaming, pooping, and or eating, at any given moment...aaaahhh motherhood is grand. H

ps looooooved the fair blogs!!

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