News of the weird, Reds Lose

More great news this morning starts in the motherland where one fish may have been so upset with the Euro Cup final that he took his own life.

Jumping back across the pond a woman crashed her car into a now, not-so-convenient store before getting out and buying a six-pack.

Starbucks is closing 600 stores. That’ll teach ‘em for selling $6 cups of coffee. And lastly in the Hoosier state, Lafayette more specifically, a boy suffered burns after he ignited the body of a dead deer.

Last night we and by we I mean Andi, Mike, Kyle and I went to the Heorot, yes, I know again. We hung out for a while before heading back to the apartment to discuss movies, politics, language, Americanism and the size of our apartment.

This morning I awoke with baseball on my mind, as the Redlegs failed in extra innings last night. Tonight is the rubber match of the 3-game set at GABP against the Pirates.

On the mound tonight is Darrell Thompson who I am optimistic about as a good 4 or 5 starter when everything pans out for everyone else.

I think I’ll post about what the Reds need to do, seriously. Stay tuned.


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