Barack Obama

Say what you like about Barack Obama in regards to policy and experience but at no time can you challenge his ability to rivet an audience, both on television and live, as he did tonight.

In regards to the now Democratic candidate, his speech not only was riveting but also answered questions his critics have been asking for months. Laying out plans and policy for his presumptive presidency was not only brilliant but perfectly delivered. Rationalization and understanding will sweep away naivety upon how he will carry out the plans.

I think of myself as an intependent and attempt with all of my ability to not attach myself in any way to the two major parties. I despise the ridiculousness of partisan politics in America and believe that it is the single biggest reason we, as Americans, see very little getting done in Washington and in our respective regions.

I hope for an election where we don't have to play a game, voting for someone who for all intensive purposes, is only out to win the election. I hate the direction the parties have taken this country in and hope for it change.

In Obama I do see a difference. But I am not naive in realizing that he is a Democrat, with a capital 'D'. Obama is a politician but has not had the 'pedigree' of a politician, as he said tonight. I respect his upbringing, his background and the initiative he has taken in his life to serve rather than gain from people.

I am a fan of John McCain, as an American and as a war hero. I am eager for a debate between these two contrasting characters. I have no idea who the protagonist is, let alone the antagonist if there is one.

I am only addressing Obama tonight because of the eloquent and dazzling speach he gave tonight. It was a speech that was planned but at the same time carried out with heart toward the American people, whom I felt he truly cares about. I saw a difference in him tonight from the others that have graced the stages in the past few years. I saw someone who has a plan, is ready to carry it out and is grateful to be in the position he is. He was a breath of fresh air for non-partisan politics and I can't wait to hear more.


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