Oklahoma! songs and bad football teams

This song will not get out of my head for some reason or another.

And speaking of Oklahoma!, the performance at RCT was excellent and I can't get the music out of my head. I had only seen parts of the movie and was pleased with the performance of the actors of which all are amateur, of course. The young man playing Curly, a recent graduate of Guilford College with a degree in vocal performance, was the highlight and I'm sure he will be doing much bigger things one day soon.

In other news, I have had both my fantasy football drafts. Neither of which are any good, like last year, which should leave me to repeat my underdog performance of last year when I made the playoffs with a team highlighted by Kenny Watson and Kevin Curtis.

Speaking of football, the Cincinnati Bengals are building up to the opener and unlike everyone else, I am reserving judgment of the defense and, well offense. Bad performances are abound in the pre-season every where, even from this team, I mean this team, sorry.

The Olympics are over and although they were quite exciting highlighted by Michael Phelps, I was growing tired of the Chinese divers and their 14-year-old tumbling counterparts.


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