On Golden Pond

Is this guy unreal or what?

Six events, six gold medals and six world records.

At this point with one individual event (100 butterfly) left I don't see anything stopping him from taking home what he sought out to get.

At this point I'm in awe every time they talk about Phelps and as his name fills up talk radio across the country I know I'm not the only one who is watching. Heck even Ocho Cinco is watching but he thinks he can beat Mr. Phelps.

In other news, baseball season is over. Oh, it is still going on, well I forgot after that baseball team in Western Ohio decided to cash in their chips at Argosy before August even started.

But from death there is life and with the prospect of football on the horizon, I can rest assured the Bengals won't let me down as much as the Reds did. You expect it from them.

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Anonymous said...

Baseball season isn't over yet. The Cubs are still in first and don't look like they are slowing down anytime soon. I think the Reds goal now is to see how many games they can lose in a row and how far back they can get. Better luck next year with those Redlegs. GO CUBS!!!

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