$1.80 Gas, Karma and lots and lots of cats

I am to fulfill my civic duty and even if you don't know who I'm voting for, it certainly will not be the editor of this online publication.

The Nation Newspaper released this story about exit polls and includes language and vulgarity I would never come to expect from an entity describing itself as a 'newspaper'.

The story is probably fiction anyway, come to really think about it.


I did release the kibosh on writing editorials/columns and wrote this piece for The Star Press, published last weekend.

They were happy with it, and apparently the people of Muncie able enough to reason were happy with it, as well.

I like how one user commented using a quote from Winston Churchill:

“If you're not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”

The ones that attack for with no real evidence are my favorite, however.


Regarding news of late, while Americans struggle through a quagmire of an economic time, Exxon Mobil reported record profits!

Brownsburg, Ind. has gas for $1.80. I might take a little drive.

More good news for people going to, or planning on going to college.

While I battle with the killing of a little sparrow, karma, it seems caught up with one hunter in Spencer, Ind.

McCain is gaining in Ohio and Florida. Good news for those happy with having Sarah Palin as a vice president and ULTIMATELY president.

From across the pond, we find that no one knows our presidents better than the British. London Times online ranks the U.S. presidents and JFK does not make the top-10. Wonder why? Check tomorrow for the 10 top presidents. The anticipation is mounting.Link

The Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series last night, ending a miraculous season for the Tampa Rays. If only. . . .

Also, the Chicago White Sox will NOT resign Ken Griffey Jr. That is probably a good move.

In Richmond, the runnin' Red Devils look to take one more step toward a state championship in IHSAA AAAAA football. (chuckle)

More importantly, Frankenstein opens at Civic theater and it looks pretty well done for Richmond.

And while I'm thinking about adopting a dog, this lady thinks its OK to have 130 cats. That's disgusting.

And even the way we swagger may have changed in these bad economic times.

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Casie said...

what do you mean, write more?
I was on a time crunch for that and just wanted to get thoughts out of my head.

I liked your story. Well done and the comments were quite interesting.

Good to see that someone actually reads what I write.

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