Markets, Procrastinating, Playoffs

IN the midst of this madness Thomas Friedman delivers an excellent piece about the market meltdown. You should read it here.

I just can't seem to get anything done. I have pushed myself to the limit, just as the credit is choking up the system in the financial markets, so procrastination is clogging up everything I have to do and I just don't have the motivation to do anything.

I think about stuff I need to do and I know that I'll feel better if I just do it, but can't. Oh well.

The baseball playoffs start tonight and I honestly don't care who wins just as long as its not the Cubs. And hear me out on this one.

When you think of the Cubs you think of 100 years of futility and fun. Disaster and disappointments juxtaposed to jubilation and positivity.

Well you won't be able to think that if they win.

It's fundamental: Some teams win and some teams lose. No one fits the bill more than the Cubs, to the latter.

It would hurt baseball, it wouldn't be right and it would change who the Cubs are.

Goodbye Loveable Losers; So long to 'there's always next year.'

'Cause next year would be this year and that will be a hard reality to take. The Cubs winners, it just won't fit.


Uhh, I got nothing.


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