Our supposed leaders

As the financial sector is sent into oblivion and the second Great Depression seems to be upon us, is it true, could it be true; are we really just a banana republic with nukes?

This idea has been tossed against the wall by NY Times columnist Paul Krugman and I think it works perfectly if you read the WIKI definition of a banana republic. In the case that we are, isn't it sad how far this country has sunk. But, we already have acknowledged that.

The bill to end all bills went to the house today, unscathed and invincible and was shot down like a duck with a gimpy wing.

And as talk-radio talks from both angles it is IMPERATIVE to listen and realize it is not just the Republican's fault or just the Democrats fault. IT IS BOTH OF THEIR FAULT.

As the lumbering pachyderms blame the jackasses for the semi-regulation of the markets that has 'led to a financial meltdown' because of a lack of free market principals; the jackasses blame the circus-trained elephants for no regulation which has led to limitless CEO pay, bad mortgages and god knows what else.

What we need to realize is that both are wrong and that if there is no compromise, there will be no economy and there will be no America, as we know it, in the long term.

George Washington, weary of what political parties were becoming in Washington warned in his farewell adress that a two-party system would be bad for the United States. He warned that party alliances and geographical distinctions would head down a bridge to nowhere (pardon the pun).

AND what you have now is partisanship that has led to the most fundamental bill in history not be passed because of a witch of a speaker show blatant partisanship just prior to the vote and a Republican group of representatives in angst and revolt stop said bill due to said comments of said witch.


And so as the economy fails, REAL and honest people lose their money and the PARTISAN POLITICIANS in washington (lower cased 'w' on purpose) squabble because of their monkey-trained political attitudes, the disgrace this country has become now makes itself more apparent than anything we ever thought possible.

The sad thing is that John McCain was right if he really meant the blue-collar workers and REAL people were what make the 'fundamentals of the economy strong'.

But even with as strong as the REAL people are, they might not be strong enough to pick up the mess the people we elected created, in what has now truly shown itself as failed leadership in Washington.


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