A day in the life

Yesterday I awoke to the smell of coffee and the chill of the sub-60s temperature outside, seeping through my bedroom windows.

I left for Muncie about 8:45 a.m., coffee in hand and realizing as I left, I had forgot to study for my photo quiz. However it was OK because I got all but one on the quiz anyway.

BBC on XM had a story on the way to Muncie about Hari Puttar, a Bollywood film coming out this week that was sued by Warner Brothers due to their feeling that the title was too close to the boy wizard Harry Potter. WB's case was shot down as the producers of 'Puttar' say the movie is nothing like 'Potter' and more like Home Alone.

After arriving in Muncie I walked from my new parking spot, no more parking at Walmart.

(as i write, i'm wondering why I thought it was a wild day)

Anyhow, I won my fantasy football match this week and am excited about that as I walk across Bethel on my way to campus. I took pictures of buses, bikes, walkers and commuters for my commuter story.

Just prior to class I read in the DN, Carole King was to make an appearance at Vera Mae's Bistro in downtown Muncie this afternoon. Ahh, the 'Locomotion' lady.

Any how we had class, and that's all i remember that I walked in and listened for 50 minutes. After class I sat here in the lab, checked email, headlines, ESPN and of course my Facebook.

After my news class I left campus and realized my stomach was rumbling, so I headed to the Heorot, again, for pizza, again.

After pizza and writing my name on a note card, listing all the beers I have had there and realizing how much money I've spent in the dingy place that resembles something from 'Beowulf', I left bid Brenda adieu and soon realized the crowd next door at Vera Mae's.

I squeezed in said Hey! to comrades from the Star Press and made my way up to get an autograph and handshake from the lady, rallying for Barack Obama, who I knew all of one song from her career. I said hello asked for an autograph before she said to me:

"This is why we are doing this," in some politically charged exhale, I was not intersted in the least bit about."This is for you, you are the future."

WOW, I couldn't have cared less for that 700 club-esque brigade of verbiage that did not apply to me at all.

I left, drove to Andi's had SOS and helped her with a busy-work assignment before heading home.

Upon entering Spring Grove I could smell burned popcorn and what seemed to be Clinique grotesquely attempting to cover the smell. Bad idea.

I stepped out of my car and realized the popcorn had been cooked inproperly and left on the doorstep, awaiting me as Forrest Gump does for little Forrest when he is to be coming home from school.

I was instantly disgusted with the smell, my cousin had created. I don't understand the attempt to cover the smell that only made it worse. Two things that don't mix among others, are burned popcorn and men's cologne.

I watched the rest of the Reds game before hitting the hay and realized I would need a shower in the morning to clean the stench from my hair.


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