Bengals Lose/Suck

A very colorful letter (post) on one of my favorite blogs:

Dear Cincinnati Bengals,

Today I changed my diet and I will no longer be consuming orange and black kool-aid.
I have just completed my witness of what you would have me believe was a professional football game vs the Baltimore Ravens. Since the fall of 1968 there have been very few games that you have played that I have not seen or heard. I didn’t think it was possible but you have finally convinced me to turn off the NFL. Like many fans, I look forward to and make preparations every Sunday to be entertained by outstanding athletes. But no more, I refuse to invest my time and sanity in an organization that only takes and rarely gives. The ownership of your team is just as arrogant as the few players that make a bad name for the game. You put a lousy product out there for consumers and I for one refuse to accept it any longer. I am leaving the NFL because I cannot bring myself to cheer for any other city but my home city. I am willing to take the risk that this is an impulse decision and your successful season will prove me wrong. I’m sure you will not miss me and yet I will be the greater for having broken this habit. I have reclaimed my weekends and in doing so I have ensured myself of quality time with my family, better health and additional savings because I can cancel that anger management course. Thank you for giving me my life back.

Graduate of the Fool me 18 Seasons 12 step Program.

I could not have said it better if I could say that. An awful football team which should cause me to have an awful day. However I'm not going to let it.


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