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News comes to us from all areas but now, more than ever, news with economic ties seems to just to the front pages of newspapers, web sites and broadcasts.

Today, the BSU Daily News did a short but extremely helpful Q&A with a very common interviewee of mine, Dr. Cecil Bohanon. Dr. Bohanon is a economics professor at Ball State and one of the most delightful professors I've had in college.

The interview can be read here, and should be read by anyone with five minutes and any inkling of why is the market in a panic.


My fantasy baseball league has been in the process of a transition, as we have a new web site to commentate on each others problems, and 'luck' as well as check out what our teams are doing. Our league is unlike other leagues most are familiar with.

We use a system known as Stra-O-Matic, which involves the players in a simulation per se, based on last years stats. We play well over 162 games each year and MOST times the statistics are reflective of the previous year.

We play as a 'real' team, mine is the New York Yankees but will soon be the Oakland Athletics as I'm moving my 'franchise'.

The league was started a long time before I knew much about baseball, in 1994 by Erick Noland and his high school friends, many of whom are still in the league. I got involved nearly 3 years ago as I was working with Erick at Reid Hospital.

The league has been incredibly fun and is highly competitive, with no monetary involved in any aspect of the game.

I will touch more on the league later.


heard an incredible story this morning on the BBC's program 'Outlook' about a deathr0w prisoner and a friendship that was created between him and a British artist. You can listen to the story here and I assure you it is good. The title of the story is 'Simone Sandelson' and it is about half way down.

AND, if you're counting on a gut-busting season of Guinness Premier League action and want to read the preview of how your Rugby Union team is looking, click here.


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