My procrastinating heart

The interesting thing is, I didn't even seen it coming when I chose the two topics I was to write about for my first two assignments this semester.

First, I'm in J280 magazine writing, J230 intro to photo-journalism and News 485 Advanced News reporting (or something like that).

My first assignment in J280 had to be a 'calendar content' story upon a topic of our choice about an anniversary or celebratory week or month coming up. For my choice I stumbled upon the the second week in March which is known as 'National Procrastination Week'.

It caught my interest as National Pet Affection day would for my dog-obsessed girlfriends sister.

Switching directions, in my News 485 class I chose to do a story about commuters and gas prices at Ball State. Interestingly, that is me.

What I didn't realize was I am a chronic procrastinator, perhaps the reason the topic caught my interest. I began my research, read stories about psychological analysis of procrastinators, called sources mentioned in stories and read specific analysis research published by the foremost expert on procrastination.

In this essay completed by a Bryn Mawr College student debating whether procrastination is a habit or disorder, Jenny Maryasis writes:

"Chronic procrastinators avoid revealing information about their abilities, prefer menial tasks, make poor time estimates, tend to focus on the past and do not act on their intentions. These characteristics have been related to low self-esteem, perfectionism, non-competitiveness, self-deception, self-control, self-confidence, depression and anxiety."

Even more interesting is. . . THAT IS ALL ME!

Now, on to figure out how to fix it.


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