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APPARENTLY, thousands of people discovered they did not get their government stimulus check in the mail as a 'deadbeat' result of their status. People everywhere are discovering the check W. promised them was witheld by the government for back child-support.

ARTHROSCOPIC knee surgery may not be as effective as once thought. According to the Canada Globe and Mail, the surgery that has been relied up by thousands of Americans every year may be not as effective and "doesn't provide significant benefits for osteoarthritis patients."

In a couple of plans a new regional pollution plan starts next week that will be enforced in 233 utility plants across the country.

An interesting take on urban trees vs. power lines. Several people hate the loss of trees that have been used as shade for hundreds of years. You know of that big old tree that provides shade to hundreds of cubic feet. Well those trees don't exist well with power lines but it is important to remember we seldom see winds of Hurrican Ike's capability in this part of the country.

In sport, the Ryder cup starts today. The American's are huge underdogs. Here is an interesting way to cover the event, with live bloggers at the course right now.

Eddie Vedder, the disillusioned lead singer of Pearl Jam has written a song for the Cubs that begins with 'all the way'. Hmm. . .Ok

Could they really be trading Prince? According to the Sacramento Bee there could be a trade in the works that sends Prince Fielder and J.J. Hardy to San Fran for Matt Cain? Hmm. . .we'll see. Seems like a lot for Matt Cain, but they've sold their souls already, why not?


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