Gone With The Wind

Maybe we can't claim it to be our national pastime anymore. According to reports in London, a diary was discovered of a late lawyer, dated 1755, referencing 'Base Ball'. That would the description of the game in context nearly 50 years prior to our first reference of the game being played in the Elysian Fields of New Jersey.

In other news Hurricane Ike is doing its best to see that the people of South-eastern Texas have a bad day. Experts are predicting waves as tall as 50 feet and more than 10-inches of rain for the coastal areas which include Galveston and parts of Houston.

I watche Gone With The Wind in its entirety last night. Yes, all 233 minutes. I had seen parts but never the entire movie from start to finish. Although I was quite impressed with everything in the film, ESPECIALLY that the two main characters (i.e. Clark Gable, Vivian Leigh) do NOT end up together. Too many movies end on notes with false-happy kisses and the prospect of perfect love. Anyhow, the movie was good and I'm glad I watched it, however it is still not as good as Wizard Of Oz

Oh and by the way, a bit of trivia, the reason I compare the two is A. Both classic films came out in 1939 B. Victor Fleming directed both and C. Heather Blewett is irrationally stuck on Gone with The Wind, thinking it better than Wizard of Oz.

Travelling from Richmond to Muncie everyday allows me to sit back, listen to left-wing-talk radio, and think about things I need to do and things I want to do. I come up with get-rich schemes that after I begin on, I lose interest. I think about how I'm going to get my car moved and sold, how I can make money writing at home and how I would love to be a reporter that travels around with a laptop and camera and writes stories about people across the world. 


Casie said...

props for watching the entire movie all the way through. All you need to do now is watch Gettysburg...possibly the worlds longest movie. It times in at 261 and takes about the whole day to watch. By far the longest movie I have ever watched. I agree that Wizard of Oz is better, even though I love Clark Gable in GwtW.

Anonymous said...

Of course you would think a movie that involves flying monkeys superior....

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