Pictures, poems and youth hostels

Where do I go with a blog when everyone is wanting to hear about different things?

First off I took this picture of my cousin Alizah last night, and messed with it in photoshop a bit. However panning to get focus on the subject in an image is a hard thing to do and I was lucky enough to get her face. As my teach said today, "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes."

In the spirit of the markets down turn I think of Don Kings hairdo, which was similar to my grandmothers the other night. I have no idea why that is relevant or how it makes sense but whatever.

The Reds finally lost tonight and how fitting that it was off the bat of one Albert Pujols. He was 0-8 prior to tonight in the series and like that squirrel, well I guess Pujols would not be a blind squirrel; more likely an intensely muscular squirrel with a Dominican accent.

I wrote a poem in the spirit of, well, just read it.

Dish soap and a t-shirt

I awake to see stars
flies without buzzes in my room.
A ghost in the hall way
deer outside my chamber window.

I drive and see gypsy's
kamikaze's darting toward me
little girls in the middle of the road
wolves under my dash

I walk to class and see comets in the sky
escaped psycho's charging with knives
Terrorists with blank faces, dynamite strapped to their chests

and then, I realize it is probably time to wash my glasses.

And then there were pumpkins.

Standing at the bus stop in Muncie today (i.e. WalMart, all one word now) I noticed the arrange of hundreds of pumpkins at $4.38 a piece.

I couldn't contain myself as I talked to them as if they were old friends. I discussed the state of the union, travels to England and what temperature meatloaf should be cooked at.

After getting no where with the orange-squash lookalikes, I made my way onto the bus which by the way was 5 minutes late.

Randomly I started thinking about the hostels I stayed in, in Europe and here they are:

Plus Alba D'Oro Camping in Venice, Italy
Emerald Fields in Florence, Italy
Ivanhoe Hostel in Rome, Italy
John's Cozy Little Backpacker hostel in Berlin, Germany
Ashfield House in Dublin, Ireland
Barnacles Temple Bar House in Dublin, Ireland
Nomad in Cardiff, Wales
Pagration Youth Hostel in Athens, Greece

and that is it for now. . .

I just saw a mouse run across the floor. How ironic as I talk about youth hostels.

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