Politics and a blatant lier

The way you vote depends on where you come from and mostly what your concerns are.

Bickering amongst people in regards to who is the better candidate is subjective. But it is subjective due to reasons, oftentimes, outside of one's control.

I can't help that I'm concerned with education, my financial future and equal rights, just as joe-schmoe age 65 can't help to be concerned about Medicare, social security and caring very little about education and college loans.

Realizing that we are voting for 'our' candidate due to that persons tie to us is something young people and older people need to understand. Of course you are going to vote for the candidate you think you can get more from.


The last few years of the old have not worked. And blame can be slung all around but the real problem is in getting up and moving on, which we have been unable to do because of bickering on both sides. Realizing that wealth does not trickle down is the first fundamental thing free-marketists need to understand. Realizing that wealth cannot be given out to non-workers is something that socialists need to understand.

Look, both extreme systems are flawed and for us to deny this on either side is wrong. We need a happy medium, we need cooperation amongst different parties. No one in history has ever gotten anything done without help from someone else.

Last night's debate sealed it for me as Sen. John McCain relied on attacking remarks to which Sen. Barack Obama did not respond. McCain was the agressor but showed his anger which is not something that has been welcome on the Senate floor according to many sources in committee. Stating that Obama voted 94 times to either raise taxes or against tax cuts is false. What he is talking about is spending allocations Sen. Obama oversaw and did not change for things that have no affect on income taxes; things like infrastructure, education, etc. Looking at McCain and lumping these allocations into the heap of tax breaks or lack there of, Sen. McCain has vote nearly 400 times against these 'tax cuts'.

And this is only the beginning of the blatant disregard for the facts, as a vice-presidential candidate holds rallies where people are shouting 'kill him' in reference to Obama and 'treason' directed at the senator, as well.

Fact checking bureaus have been having a field day with her as well, as she has been exaggerating Obama's ties to former-radical Bill Ayers; linking him directly to the failure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, when a top McCain aide is much closely involved with the two housing market giants. And this is just the begining from someone who in the same speach talked about 'truthfulness and judgement' as qualities to be a president.

What a joke.


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