Pittsburgh, Beaver and Inclines

For all the blog-manics out there, forgive me.

Anyway I took a trip to Pittsburgh this weekend and I just realized that Pittsburgh does have an 'h' on the end and despite the spelling I saw on some other Web site, I have been right all along.

Andi and I traveled to Pittsburgh by way of I-70 then US-22 then PA-60 then, well, you get the idea.

We traveled to Beaver, PA on a whim to see her cousin, cousin-inlaw and baby 2nd cousin. I thought of the idea earlier in the week, when I was dying for some time to get away and do something spontaneous.

We arrived about 5 p.m. EST on Friday night, just in time to have dinner and see Junior. We talked for what was about 2 hours prior to Angela's sister arriving and blowing the breaker not once but twice while attempting to cook a potato in the microwave.

The movie for the night was Vantage Point and I enjoyed it. It wasn't great but it made me nervous, a reaction. I like reactions from movies.

In the morning we lounged prior to going to Raccoon Creek State Park and taking a walk where I took some wonderful pictures and took in even-more wonderful scenery.

The Marino's, Andi's cousins, have a dog and let me tell you she was incredible. Jumping through puddles, running through the woods, Canavarro, the dog enjoyed herself and I enjoyed watching her enjoy herself.

That night we went into Pittsburgh and had a wonderful dinner at the Spaghetti Warehouse. I had lasagna and plenty of bread. And along with a balloon hat, a balloon artist made me we left just shy of 8 p.m.

We made our way to the Duquesne incline.

The incline is an incline cable car that has served commuters and enthusiast since 1877. It takes passengers from the bank of the river (Monongahela, Allegheny, one of them) up Mount Washington, giving you a wonderful view of downtown Pittsburgh.

After we took pictures and read about the history we headed back down and back to their house in Beaver.

We watch I Am Legend that night and it was just OK.

The next morning we went to church with the Marino's and had lunch at Primanti Bros. in Moon, Penn.

Primanti Bros. are famous for their enormous sandwiches and have been featured on Food Network and the Travel Channel a number of times.

We drove home from there and arrived in 4 hours 45 minutes.


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