a flash of light and wishing I was anywhere and there

I remember that night. And I don't remember anything, well.

I drove slow past the spot, turned left and went around the block; found a parking spot parallel. I fiddled with my shirt. tucked in or out? who cares? I did and I didn't know why.

My friend and (pause) you. Were there, on the street smoking.

"This is ....," he said.

I couldn't believe him. Who was she? I felt I'd known her for ever and we'd only met (pause) now.

He left. You stayed. I stayed.

We smoked, you talked. I wondered.

I was wearing an act. You; a black dress. I'd never known anyone, like you. And me, standing shirt sleeves and a button-down conscience.

We went inside and got a drink. You stood by. People squeezed through, I leaned toward you to let them pass. You smelled nice, and my hair was messy. They finally passed and Moved back to me. I'd never left and I've yet to. But in that moment I wish I had, then.

We talked some more. It was loud so we went outside. You lead and I followed. I knew you not but yet I did.

"I feel I could have talked to you forever," you'd say later. I did.

Talk to you forever.

We left that night. You with me; him ahead. And in a squeaking instant, bright lights, smog, medians and semi-trucks; we cheated. And there you were.

Where'd I gone? You were there and I never left.

You were gone after that but I remained. And here I sit (pause) and yet, remain in that moment.

And I don't remember anything, well. But I remember



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