Thursday Playlist 12.2.2010

I will be sharing my playlist from my drive to work (an hour or so). My iPhone's iTunes are set to shuffle and I will put down every song in the order they play. Meaningless, perhaps but, I'll enjoy it, nonetheless. It didn't seem to shuffle well but, we'll try again next week.


Warpigs - Black Sabbath
Jesse and my Whetstone - Saves the Day
Some mother's son - Kinks
Aura - Blackbird Blackbird
Me against the world - Tupac
Harry Hood - Phish, Hampton Comes Alive
Lola - Kinks
Mercury Rising - From Autumn to Ashes
Apeman - Kinks
Promised Land - Grateful Dead, live at the Cow Palace
Out Tonight - RENT broadway soundtrack
Pine Apple Rag - Scott Joplin
AC/DC Bag - Phish, NYE live in Miami 2009
Midnight Town - Jerry Garcia
Wizard - Black Sabbath
Kung - Phish, live in Brooklyn
Coldplay - God Put A Smile On My Face
Big Black Furry Creatures From Mars - Phish, Hampton Comes Alive
Come To Me - Les Miserables, Original Cast Recording
Naked As We Came - Iron and Wine
Blackbird - Beatles
Love Vigilantes - Iron and Wine
Brokedown Palace - Grateful Dead


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