A Time To Be So Small

One of my favorite songs of the last few years is called: A time to be so small by Interpol.

Delusional as i am, at best, I can't shake the idea that the car crash I saw today didn't have something to do with everything else going on in my day and, in my life.

As my friend and I were leaving ADE auto auction this afternoon we witnessed, or rather, I witnessed a semi-tanker slide on the freshly fallen snow, move sideways and cause one car to flip and two others to slam in opposite medians. It was incredible, to say the least. And, of course, in a bad way.

Creeping past a man was outside of his wrecked car, uninjured and on the telephone. It made little sense to stop as I'm nearly sure he was calling the authorities. The most frightening part of the collision was seeing it happen so quickly and, not 1/4 mile ahead of us. As I ackowledge the event I feel a bit queasy and yet, blessed to have been where I was, at that time.

As little as I could, with a day ahead of me, I thought of the interaction with danger and what it means to me when I see horrific things happen with me standing by unharmed. There is a true time for us all and although there is no such thing as luck, I know know providence says it has not yet been my time.

Now, I have no idea what came of the crash I saw. Headlines across Indianapolis have been plentiful today, as several accidents have been attributed to the first batch of the feathery and sometimes, slippery white stuff. But, I do know that when events as this take place, I can't help but, wonder if I'd be ready if it were soon my time.

Coming back to my first and, now seemingly tangential statement about the Interpol song; isn't it interesting for those who have experienced, discerned and realised the divine truth of providential thinking, how small we are...all the time.

This afternoon was a time to be so small as, all times are. But, again in the divine spectrum of time and the mirrored sequence of events, I thought again of how small I am. This should not mean the same thing as insignificant, as I purposely left that off. The ability to be small doesn't require the connection to insignificance.

Time will surely erase todays event and it'll take another hypothetical 'crash' for me to acknowledge the grande events going on around me. Or perhaps it won't; that all depends on what's in the cards for me.

Again, it's no game of luck.


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