What I'm Reading: 12.9

Hello friends and colleagues.

Today is 9 December, or December 9 - depending on which side of the Atlantic Ocean you live.

It is the anniversary of France's passage (1905) of an act separating church and state, and consequentially leading a charge in secularism of one of the most worldly countries in the world.

It is the anniversary of the Republic of Texas capturing San Antonio in 1835.

And, on this day in 1531 in Tepayac, Mexico City a man named Juan Diego first saw the Virgin Mother appear to him.

It is the birthday of John Milton, Emmett Kelly and Red Foxx.

The NY Times on this day piece.

Jim Morrison is set to receive a pardon in Florida.

Interesting review/piece on Pope's new book; full of confrontation and explanation for stances of the church. Oh, yeah, and he didn't say it's okay to use condoms. Stop it.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has agreed to give the majority of his money to charity - along with 15 others.

In Hungary, auction attendees and art dealers are paying for Socialist memorabilia.

A Groupon-using businessman and web developer has to draw 1,000 cats because of deal.

A marijuana-christmas tree was seized in Germany.

A $10.3 million book on...birds.

A review on Black Swan, and bird feeding tips for your yard, in the city.

I really kind of like this song but, don't know why. It's cheesy and weird but, I can't stop playing it.


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