I draw my inspiration from many mediums; music, books, religion(s), etc. But i have a hard time where others get the will to try and/or to be. I find that too often those of my generation are apathetic to most everything. I don't think I was born under a special sign, or have anymore knowledge than those that wish to gain information, the same way I do. I merely feel that people, and more specifically those of my generation, don't care about what is around them.

I see examples of apathy all the time, and despite my reservations, I feel it must be said that our society has evolved into a populous that is materialistic, as well as apathetic. We have been brought up through capitalist ideals to have anything we desire, or need. There is not an inkling of conscience in the minds of some and for that, I say shame on society.

We go about with what is in front of us; under our noses, while not paying attention to our peripherals which are slowly, but surely, sneaking up on us.

All of a sudden we were in a financial downturn. All at once a middle-eastern predator was attacking us from within. Within a blink, innocents are shot and killed, again and again and again.

The need to have everything now and have it without the thought of consequence is what has brought us down. In one way or another we can look at how our society is calibrated to find the answers to all the questions we now ask.

You want less violence; less gun-related crime - better regulate the production of guns. You want a world void of American distrust - go into the world and show how we can be leaders not through brute force but by educated and responsible example. Responsibility and well-educated decision making could have saved billions of dollars and millions of lives.

So, whether I have been clear or not, take the time to evaluate how you do things. Think about how each decision in your day, affects all other decisions in your day and the decisions and lives of others. Think, think, think. It could be as small as choosing to use 2 bags instead of 3, at the grocery - decreasing the use of toxic plastics that are filling up our landfills and will someday contribute to our steady declining standard of living.

Reach out a helping hand - make someone's day. Drive less, listen more and observe better.


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