What I'm Reading 4.16

Did you tuck someone in, telling them to 'not let the bedbugs bite?" This guy does.

The Obama's made $2.7 million last year, most from Mr. Obama's book sales.

And by the way, here is the Springfield Journal-Register, the newspaper I may be working for come Jan. (fingers crossed. . .)

Tens of thousands turned out for tea party's across the country to oppose taxation. If people only thought about what they are doing, now and then, ridiculous events like this wouldn't take place. I'm sure they all took the day off.

Speaking of dummy's, a man in Gilliam, La. was stabbed by his brother. Doesn't sound interesting? How about I add this twist: it was over a can of pork 'n beans! As I was writing this I had to refer to this online U.S. state abbreviation guide.

And here, smugglers are targeting the world's rarest tortoise. WOW!

This year the Reds have three or four bobblehead nights, i can't remember, but for the final one the fans get to vote for who they want. Send your vote here for David Weathers, just cause.

The Washington Post came to Cincinnati to check out its most famous staple.

The Cleveland Indias are giving away a special bobblehead this year. I guess none of their 'real' players were interesting enough. I guess you can only do Grady Sizemore once-a-year.

And if you are interested here is a list of the best and worst stadium give-a-ways this summer.

And lastly, for now, as I will have plenty of time for more today (Andi's sister is in the hospital to have her first child, fingers crossed), here is a way to save as a frequent flyer, or 10-ways to.


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