What I'm Reading 4.19

It seems that eventually spring has to, well, spring. And yet, in light of yesterday's beautiful weather, we end up with what we have today. And it's going to like 'this', until wednesday, at least.

Other than 'what' people talk about when there is nothing else to talk about, there is a lot going on.

Pictures of the new O'maley addition can be seen here at my photostream on flickr. And for future reference, any choice photos i take will be posted at http://flickr.com/photos/nathansheets.

The Onion has a 'first 100 days' post that updates everyday with happenings in the Obama administration. Today's post:

DAY 88: White House senior adviser David Axelrod has to rush home to Chicago when he suddenly realizes he left his car in a two-hour parking zone in January.

And for you other onion readers; the link to our dumb world news.

If you didn't know newsvine and msnbc have teamed up to produce 'The Elkhart Project' focusing on the declinging economy through the eyes of Elkhart, Ind. Elkhart was once a community with large RV production, which has gone by the wayside since the downturn.

An interesting look at America's most endangered rivers.

And more downer news, as malls are reporting a 10-year high in store vacancy.

Did you see, and if you saw, like what you saw, in regards to the iconic Obama painting? You know this one:

Well you can now make a print of yourself just like it, here.

And if you haven't, you know you want to join Twitter. Come on, everybody is doin' it.

A sweet deal on a sweet deal site.

Looking for something good to make tonight? How about Pad Thai. MMMmmm.

Some really choice photos through the MSNBC photoblog.


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