What I'm Reading 4.9

The baseball season is off and running and what's nearly too predictable is the placement of the Reds in the standings; last. But, it's early and they have been playing perhaps the best team in the NL.

In other news a girl gets grounded for more than 10,000 texts in ONE month, athletes are being facebook stalked - not by fans but by NFL scouts. And much, much more.

Filipino fisherman caught one of the most rare fish in the ocean - and then they ate it.
A high school girl from Wyoming cost her parents close to $5,000 on a cell phone bill for sending more than 10,000 texts in one month.

Pro scouts in preparation for the NFL draft are using 'ghost' profiles, posing as attractive women, to search for inequities in personalities of NFL scouts.

The pirates are back and after capturing one of our own, it seems they (the pirates) have run out of water, pardon the pun.

Here are some highlights from the NY auto show.

Two-hundred-seventy-five are dead as of today from the Italy earthquakes.

The Master's starts today and this is an interesting post in regards to Tiger and, well, it's worth it for the pictures at least.

Brown fat? What's that? Well it might be important in the difference between obese and non-obese bodies.


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