What I'm Reading; New Baby Edition

I don't have access to upload the photo's I've taken yet, but by the time I get home, or, if I find a USB cord, I'll have them up.

Getting back to the lead; we spent more than 18 hours at St. Vincent's women's hospital. However, the good news is both Amiee and the new baby; Cameryn Paige are fine and doing well.

Throughout the day we spent most of the time sitting, reading, talking and getting updates via text by Chris O. At 10:45 Susie O'maley, Chris's mother got a picture-message with a short message: 'we have a baby!'

And, nearly 45 minutes later a glowing Chris came out of the labor-triage area to dispel rumors of a baby boy; confirming of my intelligence that the baby was indeed, a girl.

Today we are heading back to the hospital to check out the baby and see how things are progressing. I will send more updates when they come to me.

And in other baby news; this guy didn't know his wife was pregnant, but now he has a new baby!

In other news has anyone seen Susan Boyle? Or how about song that has made her a sensation on Britain's Got Talent?

Or how about this?:

In other weird news: this driving instructor was drunk during an instruction. In Peorian, Ill. a 13-year-old boy is the key suspect in a bank robbery. And, last but not least, a women in L.A. staged fake funerals for money.


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