Cubs World Series; Oxymoron?

Absolutely hilarious. That is my assessment to a statement made from a guy that can't pitch himself out of a wet paper bag about a team that has had nearly a century of constant failure.

Apparently Ryan Dempster, or as I call him, 'Dumpster,' believes that the Cubbies are going to the world series.

He must be forgetting a couple things including the fact that the Cubs have not taken part in a World Series since 1945 and the fact that they have not won a fall classic since 1908; 100 years ago this year.

Perhaps I'm shooting myself in the foot early, seeing that the Reds have less of a chance than the Cubs, well maybe, and the spring training hasn't started yet.

So, my response to Mr. Dumpster is: keep the predictions and blown saves and holds coming and your team will do what it does best; Lose.


Anonymous said...

Hey, don't hate. Just because it hasn't happened RECENTLY doesn't mean that it WON'T happen. This is the anniversary, so it'll be our year!

Anonymous said...

That is not even funny. At least the Cubs are making trades and trying to get to the post season, instead of sitting around waiting on Dusty Baker (who went from a possible world series to a losing record in a year) to do something. At least the Cubs have a chance.
Your favorite cousin. lol

nathan said...

calm down everyone, its just for fun. it's like shooting fish in a barrel with them and especially Ryan Dempster.

Anonymous said...

haha, it's cool. Hope you are having an amazing trip!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your good pitching prospects and young talent while you have them because now you trusty dusty and he will kill em all. This is phill b baby!!!!!!!! oh yeah bring back some treats!!!

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