Wales Vs. Scotland

I just got back from a day that fulfilled the weekend in Cardiff. As you don't know Wales played Scotland in Rugby, which is basically the national pastime here in Wales. We came to Wales not knowing that the match was this weekend and then ended up spending the day consuming ourselves in it.

Early this morning we started walking toward the town centre. Littering the streets were Welsh and Scottish fans in full regalia for their national teams.

The Scottish men in their kilts and funny hats and the Welsh in their red 'Brains Beer' jerseys and red and green scarves. Having a great time with only the atmosphere, we intended on going to the Gatekeeper, a pub near Millennium Stadium where the match was to be held. Before that we stumbled upon a sporting goods store selling authentic Welsh rugby jerseys for close to 10 pounds, so we both got one because they are really cool and I thought, what the heck.

So after that we headed back to the pub we had scouted out, got a burger and a Brain's S&A ale and watched the game.

P.S. I get it now; rugby that is.


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