Italia: Tale 6

It might have been the best place I've eaten the entire trip or maybe the best place I've sat down.

The place was close to the train station but offered a Penne Alpine pasta that I eagerly jumped upon. Coupled with the house red wine I had a wonderful meal for under 10 euro's. After we ate as a huge group, and had a good time with the waiters (which you will be able to see on Facebook in the next few days) I headed back to my hostel, pointing everyone else in the right direction and basically playing Dad or Mom depending upon how you look at it.

After I got back to my hostel I talked online before going to bed, in the comfort of my bed in the company of 10 other people.

The next morning I woke up (Today) and I headed for the train station to board the 9:09 a.m. train to Roma Termini. However, there was a bit of a problem when I got up; there was no supervisor of the (P.S. there is a guy freaking out at the front desk right now about his room and he lost some money). kind however, I left a note and the 20 Euro's I owed for the two nights before heading out.

I headed for the train station and boarded the train at 9:00 and just as soon as I had boarded and turned on my Ipod we had left. The trip was not that simple however, as it took 4 hours to reach Rome.

When I reached Roma Termini station I met up with a couple of people I had met in Florence from my London Centre group and we headed for the Coliseum.

To describe how incredible it was to turn and see the Coliseum is indescribable. We traveled down the roads (I can't pronounce them) we made our way to the entrance where we paid the 9 euro entrance fee and spent the next hour wandering around the inside and upstairs of the Coliseum. The entire time I had the sounds of Gladiator in my head and as silly as that is, it was truly powerful to walk into the centre of the huge building, almost 2000 years old, and seeing where people had come to watch the Gladiatore games.

After walking around the Coliseum we walked through all of the ancient ruins that are adjacent to the Coliseum including the Roman forum and several of the old remains of ancient government buildings.

Following that we headed in the direction of the Pantheon and several more sites. As it got dark we parted ways for our separate hostels and I came back here, where I'm typing now.

Once I got to the hostel, which is the size of a small storage container that you can rent along the side of an interstate, I checked in, noted the non-speaking English populous and then took a shower.

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