Italia: Tale 7

This morning I awoke to the sound of slamming doors and people snoring at 7 a.m. Soon after rising I realized that I was not going to get into the bathroom that I shared with the other 11 people so I left.

I had set up to meet Erin and Amy at the McDonald's in Piazza Repubblica. After standing at the counter of the McDonald's, attempting to get a pastry, for over 10 minutes I left and turned outside to run into Erin and Amy.

We took the Metro (Subway) to a stop just outside of the Vatican City, where we had planned to visit that day.

After exiting the Metro and heading toward the walls of the Vatican we were swarmed by the large amount of people that were doing the same thing we were doing.

More to come about the Vatican and the entirety of Rome. . .


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