Cymru Venture

Unbeknown-st to me there is a rugby match between Scotland and Wales this weekend in Cardiff, Wales, where I am. I seem to find myself in these cultural events every time I leave London. In Dublin it was the music festival and this weekend its rugby.

Anywho, I am here in Cardiff, the capital of Wales and economic center of this side of the United Kingdom.

Today I took an early bus (8 a.m.) from Victoria station in London to Cardiff central, arriving at just a bit past 11:15 a.m.

Initially I ventured around taking in the Cardiff Castle, or at least the out side of it (the free part) before walking along the river Taff all the way to Cardiff Bay. The weather today was almost too much to handle as there were bright blue skies, and temperatures hovering in the high 50s.

I walked back and eventually found my hostel, through an arduous process of discerning street names from blank facades, before asking residents who do not speak English.

The Nomad, as it is called is on Howard Gardens and is where I write from at this moment. When we checked in the owner was here and was quite a character if I may say, and I believe I may. There is a bar in our hostel, something I haven't run across yet, but it seems to be the most secure and nicest hostel I have been in yet.

Tomorrow, I plan on taking my time. I may perhaps hit some sites including the INSIDE of some of the castles for which Wales is known for prior to heading toward the stadium to a bar adjacent to watch Wales beat Scotland and send the skirt wearing, furry fanny pack wearing blokes back to the highlands.


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