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Affecting to not be seen, was not in the agenda of the Scottish rogues that made the trip to Cardiff this weekend.

Walking the streets last night searching for ale and adventure, I noticed, well, it came with having to really search, the amount of men wearing kilts was asstounding.

I began wondering if this was only an aberration and a show of support for the Scottish rugby match today, and not a everyday occurrence. I truly don't know if Scottish people wear these silly skirts everyday to their jobs, church, or bowling. However, for what it is worth, coming to Wales and seeing a bunch of underwear lacking, skirt wearing, furry fanny pack toting, grown men was not what I was expecting.

Today, I figure to see more as one just past by me, here in the hostel. I also plan to see the sights not discovered in Cardiff.

Last night, I came back here and played with the free WIFI that was readily available and free of charge, a definite aberration, only to meet a group of German students who happened to be in Cardiff for the weekend.

As I am staying in a 12 bunk dorm style room, I met them after they inquired to where I was from. I told them and with that a response came that I receive from most of the people who ask. Of course they knew of the USA but only half knew about Indiana.

We continued talking about the upcoming elections in the US and previous travels we had taken and where we wanted to go from here. Jens (pronounced "Yens") was one of them but the other three I do not remember. After we talked for a while in the dorm room, while Alex played on his computer, we went out to the lobby to have a beer and talk some more. We talked about culture, fish N Chips, accents, ancestry, journalism, their trips to the US, and differences in traditions. It was quite fun, and an illustration of why staying in a hostel when traveling is important.

Oh, and Saves the Day has a new Tour List out for this spring and early Summer check it out: http://www.myspace.com/savestheday

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Anonymous said...

its so neat that you are meeting so many different people from all over the world and sharing your stories with them, you"ll always remember this. love mom

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